I have been a resident here at St. Augustine Manor for two years. So many caring and fine people have made it more than just a place to live. A unique and valued experience is awaiting any new tenant.

The residents are some of the finest people I’ve ever known.

I love it here. I wish I had moved here sooner.

Service is good. Food is good. We’re one big happy family.

I’m glad we made St. Augustine our home. I feel secure here. My physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. For me, the location is perfect. A park-like setting in the city, and preserving a wonderful building with history.I love being able to go to Mass daily.

The minute you walk in the door, you feel the wonderful embrace of family and friends. There’s the happiness of being entertained, games, music…I just love it here! It feels like home. It’s a place where I can enjoy all of the amenities with freedom.

I’m happy to live here with the Blessed Sacrament and daily Mass in the footsteps of Bishop O’Rourke and Fr. Shaw. It is most comfortable. The food is very good and the building is secure. I’m happy to have a garage for my car.

Here 18 years, dearly love it. Companionship is nice. When my husband passed away, I felt like I had another family to support me. Daily Mass means a lot to me.